Shipping Cost Or Tax Module Integration Services

Online Shopping Cart play and essential role in ECommerce business, assisting people in purchasing. It accumulates the list of the products purchased, prices, total amount, etc, including shipping cost and taxes depending upon your location.
We offer Shopping carts, that are easy, unique and dynamic in nature and satisfies all our client’s needs. We design Shopping cart that takes care of everything, from setting it up, updating from time to time and maintenance with ease.
Shipping or tax module integration is essential in calculating the total amount of an order in online business. Shipping cost and tax rates differ from place to place and hence we provide you the feature where you can setup your own shipping cost and tax rates according to the rules, depending upon the location. We will provide you with shipping cost and tax module integration to your shopping cart. We will also provide you feature where you can specify default cost or rate for both shipping cost and tax rates.
We offer you unique and dynamic shopping cart that are easy to use and manage. We also offer online/paypal payment gateway integration, credit card payment processing, etc. along with shopping cart as per requirement. Customized, secured and easy to manage online shopping cart makes life easy for the online business.

Our Services includes

  • Online Shopping Cart
  • ECommerce Shopping Cart
  • Retail Store Shopping Cart
  • Paypal Shopping Cart
  • PHP Shopping Cart
  • WordPress Shopping Cart
  • Joomla Shopping Cart
  • Drupal Shopping Cart
  • HTML Shopping Cart
  • Flash Shopping Cart
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shipping or Tax Integration