Landing Pages Services

A landing page is a page on your site dedicated to delivering on promises made by the offers in your content. The goal is to get a consumer of your content to take another step toward becoming a customer. A landing page is a web page where your visitor arrives for the first time – from where he or she enters your website.
Many think that your index page or your home page is always the landing page, or should always be the landing page, but it’s not like that. As you grow your content, as you grow your number of pages, different people link to different pages from your website, and the search engines too rank your pages differently.
For instance on Google, your index page may appear on the fifth page of the search result pages but one of your subject-specific pages may appear on the first page, or may be at the top. So for that subject, the subject-specific page becomes your landing page and hence, becomes your most crucial page if you want to earn some business off the traffic from Google.
A landing page is a website page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form. Landing pages provide customized sales pitch for the visitor. By providing a good match, chances of engaging the visitor goes up and so does the conversion rate. Well-crafted landing pages almost always results into better conversion rate, resulting in captive audience.
We design landing pages for our clients, focusing on conversion rate and lead generation. Our landing pages help our clients to achieve top rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
Devote enough time to your landing page: it is as important as your home page, if not less.