Ecommerce Website Design & Development Services

Ecommerce has become the need of hour. It has hit the Internet like a hurricane. Every business wishes to go online these days. Today, Ecommerce Marketing is gaining lot of popularity. Ecommerce Websites / Web Design are gaining lot of popularity and importance in today’s time. Hence it is very important that websites of such online businesses are unique and attractive.

ECommerce mainly refers to the online services through which you can buy and sell your products and services with the help of electronic systems like Internet. It not only saves time, but also gives you more space to compare the products and services provided by different organizations. It is very important to design websites that present the products in an effective manner, attract more people and provide them with pleasant shopping experience.

Our Ecommerce Website Design and Development are robust and we guarantee safety for both the owner and the client/customer. We realize that website should create a strong visual impact, build consumer trust and confidence and should be easily navigable. We ensure to provide such features for your Ecommerce Website.


We also design Online Shopping Cart for your websites, those are easy to build, update and manage. We also provide Shipping or Tax Integration to your shopping card if needed. Payment Gateway Integration is another feature that we will add to your shopping cart if required.

We ensure to offer you best Ecommerce website design in least time compare to other web design companies in industry. Our websites are extremely affordable and most desirable and very popular.

We at 411 Webmaster, ensure to present your products and services in the most positive manner. We have extensive knowledge in Ecommerce Website Design, Ecommerce Website Development, Ecommerce programming, Ecommerce Marketing and Optimization. With the use of our knowledge, experience, your support and confidence we will design, websites that creates miracle.

Website Features:

Unlimited Categories: We provide management for clients so they can add as many categories they want without dealing with any codes. Its a very simple management to add, edit, delete any categories on your website. We also give you the management that you can manage sub categories by yourself.

Unlimited Products: We provide management for clients so they can add as many products they want without dealing with any codes. Its a very simple management to add, edit, delete any products on your website. We also give you the management that all attributes like colors, sizes, price, images, description, weight etc of the products is completely manageable by you. Custom attributes for the products can be added by client by themselves. For example, If the website wants to add a attribute in future called as flavor, which has 2 options in drop down as Vanilla and Chocolates, Client can do it himself.

Multi-Language: If client wish to make there website with different languages they just have to click 1 button in admin panel to allow different languages to be set up.

Multi-Currency: All our shopping cart websites have Multi-Currency formats which enables clients to change the currency in click of the button.

Product Reviews: Clients can set the product for user to review it and provide rating to each product.

Automatic Image Re sizing: Have you ever had a problem with your website images looking skewed. Your product image should be very sharp. Good images of product increases sales. We provide Auto Image re sizing functionality which optimizes the image to be shown on website.

Multiple Tax Rates: If your product needs a tax added, we provide the functionality so tax is added according to the percentage you have set in the administrator panel. Also it allows you to setup multiple tax zones so that the correct taxes are paid depending on which country the goods are going to be paid from or shipped to.

Related Products: All related products will appear in bottom of each product so users on the website who are interested in particular product can see all related products in the bottom of the selected product.

Informational Pages: All informational pages are manageable from admin panel which means you can change all pages on website by yourself.

Shipping Weight Calculation: If you want shipping added to the product, you can select the shipping rate which needs to be added to each product. We can do Website integration with following shipping Website.

  • Citylink
  • Flat rate
  • Free shipping
  • Per item
  • Parcelforce 48
  • Pickup From Store
  • Royal Mail
  • UPS
  • United States Postal Service
  • Weight Based Shipping

Discount Coupon System: You will have an amazing discount system in your website. These means you can set up discount for wholesalers, re sellers etc. Also you can set different prices for different quantity of products. For example, if user buys 1 scarf price of $4 and if they buy 20 scarves prices of $3 per item.

Also you can set coupon codes in the admin so particular coupon codes can get particular discount applied.

Sales Reports: Complete order status reports, sales report in admin panel so you can track your orders easily. You can also track which products are viewed and purchased the most.

Guest Checkout: Website have a guest checkout feature so that customers don’t have to sign up for an account and can simply just enter the minimum amount of details required to process their order.

All above features will make sure you get a website which is completely manageable by you and you don’t need a web designer in future to manage your website.

Payment Gateways


Almost any gateway for payment can be integrated with your website. These includes

  • 2Checkout
  • LiqPay
  • WorldPay
  • Authorize.Net
  • Moneybookers
  • Cheques / Money Orders
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Website Payment Pro
  • PayPal Website Payment Pro (UK)
  • PayPoint
  • eWay (UK, AU, NZ)
  • SagePay
  • SagePay Direct
  • SagePay (US)
  • Authorize.Net (AIM)
  • Paymate
  • AlertPay
  • Bank Transfer
  • Perpetual Payments
  • Cheque / Money Order
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Collect in store