ColdFusion Services

ColdFusion is rapid application development platform that supports programming language called ColdFusion, also known as CFML or CFM. CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) is a programming language based on standard HTML, used to write dynamic webpages. ColdFusion was originally designed to make it easier to connect HTML pages to a database.
There are 3 main programming languages used to access databases. PHP, which is normally found on unix/linux platforms, ASP, which is a creation of Microsoft and is found mostly on NT platforms, and ColdFusion(CF), which is found mostly on NT platforms as well. CF is easiest to learn and use.
ColdFusion is a technology that is used for various purposes like revolutionizing company’s HR operations, building a new generation of firm’s global intranet, launching next killer .COM, building your own presence on the Web, providing back-end power to interactive Flash applications, etc. ColdFusion is mostly used to develop database driven websites or intranets.
Creating an application with ColdFusion is straightforward and can help you introduce range of functionality that are not available in either static websites or in traditional client/server applications. ColdFusion applications include the server-side CFML in addition to HTML. CFML gives ability to control the behavior of applications, integrate a wide range of server technologies, and dynamically generate the content that is returned to the Web browser.
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